The school year (September through mid-June) was such a rush of academic stuff (adjusting to my move, classes, picking a research advisor, TAing, misc. personal things, etc.) that summer has been a nice welcome. I do take classes and try to practice once a day during the school year, but my first priority is school right now. Right now, I only TA and do research. So far, it’s been very relaxing and enjoyable, which leaves me time to think about dance. I’ve been steadily building up the strength in my legs for Bharatanatyam and continuing to refine technique in my belly dancing classes. I love being able to go to class regularly and rely on it.

A few days ago, I reviewed my dance goals for the year. I’m completing most of them, but there are a few I’m determined to complete before the end of summer. Because of my moves, I’ve unfortunately lost most of my costume pieces. It’s a bit difficult, since some of them are sentimental to me, ie. my first cabaret bra and belt set that I handmade during my semester abroad in NZ and my first tribal bra which I wore for my first solo piece. I don’t wish to dwell in the past and about things that I cannot change, so I’ve been moving forward with costumes. I found beautiful fabric on Devon, which is where Chicago’s “Little India” is located. I’ve been slowly working with it. Next weekend, I plan on going to a fabric shop to buy the necessary fabrics to complete it. I can’t wait, because then I can bead it.

The other main goal to complete this summer is choreograph something. By choreograph, I actually mean to become comfortable enough with a piece of music that I will be able to perform to. I strongly prefer improv, but I always like to practice the piece a lot beforehand. I’ve been building my repertoire for performances. I have several pieces in mind right now. Maybe I’ll end up with a few “choreographies”