My current Bharatanatyam teacher unfortunately does not feel she can meet my needs as a dancer (I think she may have a noise complaint since she conducted my lessons in her 3rd floor apartment). I respect her honesty and encouragement to find another teacher, but at the same time, I am disappointed.

However, she is also knowledgeable in Javanese and Balinese dance. Because I am interested in fusion, I may try those for a while. I think Javanese, at least what I’ve seen, isn’t going to be for me. All of the clips on YouTube I’ve seen are quite slow and meditative. It’s interesting, but I don’t think I want to pursue it. Below is a clip of a Javanese performance.

In my untrained eye, Balinese looks closer to the Indian dance I’m used to. The speed, the movement, even a bit of music feels more like Bharatanatyam or Odissi than Javanese. Here’s a Balinese dance performance.

In some ways, I am excited about this. It’s always good to try new things, stretch your vocab, etc. I just wish I could still do the Indian dancing