I’ve had very little training in Turkish-specific bellydancing. All except one teacher I’ve had favor more Egyptian style. How to Make Your Husband a Sultan, despite its Orientalist/playing into harem-fantasy name and cover, is really fun to dance to.

The CD provides a very good mix of speeds and rhythms, providing different moods of music. You can be adorable with Tin Tin or more introspective with Taksimler. The music is mainly instrumental, but unlike some instrumentals, there’s a lot of variety in the songs. Within one song, you’ll experience the differences in music, which creates a much more interesting piece of music. This isn’t something you just meditatively groove to. You have to listen to the instruments to catch the changes. Luckily, they seduce you into wanting to listen and feel what they’re playing. For those of you who use Emusic (which is where I got this), the clarity of the sound is excellent, too.

My chief complaint is it’s rather short. The CD stands at about 37 min., which is pretty short. However, I’d rather have 37 min. of music I love than 60 min. I’m neutral towards.

I’d give this CD 5/5 stars in a heartbeat.