I’m on the fence about going to a PhD program immediately after I’m done here. I’m not sure how badly I want to work on grad apps and my thesis in Dec. I am, though, planning on taking the requisite exams (GRE and physics GRE), and I haven’t completely ruled it out a fall 2009 start.

I’ve been studying a bit for the physics GRE. For that, I’m using the Halliday, Resnick, and Walker intro physics book. This book was recommended to me during my undergraduate days for the physics GRE. If you are not familiar with the exam, it’s a 100-question multiple choice exam. They penalize for incorrect answers. You aren’t expected to get through the entire thing. I’m using an intro book, because I want the basic core concepts pounded into me. I also find this to be a well-written book.

I’m a little concerned about this, but I think teaching intro labs is helpful in remembering and understanding things. I need to study, believe in myself, not panic, and only answer things I’m sure about (the penalties hurt my score). I’m not super concerned with the general GRE. The key for me is to be prepared with how tiring it is to take an exam on a computer.

As far as where, the twist is I’m attached to my partner right now, who is also looking at applying to schools in physics. Luckily, he’s interested in living in a more urban environment, but his research interests are different from mine. It sounds like a no-brainer, but it’s a lot harder to plan two people’s lives.