Yesterday, I had a lesson with Danielle to learn some Indonesian fusion. If you recall from last time, I was hesitant to learn Javanese dance, because I thought it wasn’t my style. I decided to give it a try, because you never know.

Javanese wasn’t particularly interesting for me to watch as an audience member. However, doing the moves felt good. They were slow and meditative. Danielle showed me how they can work well with fusion dance as an extra layer.

The Balinese felt a little odd; I can’t explain how, though. It wasn’t as much like Bharatanatyam as I had thought (or hoped). It felt jittery to me. I think I’ll try it again, because I like the angularity of it, but I’m not sure if it really clicked for me. Javanese, regardless of how I feel about watching it, felt good. I really like how Danielle blends the fusion; it looks like a flawlessly seamed dance, not two dances jumbled together, as it occasionally happens with fusion.