Arabesque 2- Fire Dance has been a CD I’ve been recently listening to a lot. While I haven’t danced to it in any context (practice or a choreography attempt), I do see it having a future with my dance.

The CD is quite spirited. The songs have this very earthy quality to them; they are multi-instrumental but don’t have the highly stylized orchestra sound that a lot of my music has. Most of it is instrumental but has a good variation of sound, speed, and mood within one song. The transitions are beautiful and the changes don’t seem out of place.

I love this CD for its versatility. Not only does this give the listener and dancer a variety of rhythms, speeds, and instruments, but I think it could also work somewhat well with tribal, folkloric, or cabaret dance. I think ultimately its earthiness bridges the type of music that’s used for those forms and would work best with something fusion. I could see Hey Walla being used for any kind of fun party. The Karsilama has a heavier sound and evokes a deeper, more serious mood. Raks en Nar is another great song with its speed and mood changes nicely flowing from one beat to the next.

This CD weighs in at a decently length of 1.1 hours and 12 tracks. I give this CD 5/5 stars. It’s highly danceable and offers a lot of good music.