Because I have a little under 3 weeks of nothing to do (work has ended), I figure that I’d check in with my summer goals and see how I stand. Perhaps it’ll motivate me to finish something 🙂

  • Thesis: My thesis made, in some ways, very little progress. There were problems beyond my control with the data (my advisor thinks it wasn’t calibrated properly; that wasn’t calibrated by me), so we have to calibrate it ourselves, which I hear is a long process. I think most of my three weeks will be spent in front of a computer, calibrating data.
  • GREs: TAing was quite a review for physics. It’s a whirlwind of basic concept you know but may not readily remember. I feel like it was a good refresher. My physics GRE studying on my own has been okay. I was sick on and off with allergies the past few weeks, which prevented me from studying, but I hope to have a good hard study until school begins. I feel good about what I have done. In the Halliday book, I’ve been mentally doing the problems, estimating them in my head and such. I’ve been reasonably accurate too.
  • Choreography: I feel good about one of the songs I worked with over the summer and okay with another. I worked with a song I used 2 years ago and know it as well, if not better, than before. I’d like to refine the “okay” song over the three weeks and then work on another song. In case you were wondering, the songs I’ve been working with are Tin Tin by Özel Türkbas (the song I feel good about), Haram Aleyk by Natasha Atlas (I feel okay about this one), and Farasha by Fatchance Bellydance (from the past).
  • Costuming: Being sick (sewing with watering eyes is never a good idea) set me back, but I’m very close to completing the belt, which would leave me with one costume set. Not too shabby.

I am happy to say that I have completed my goal of taking what I get out of my classes and practicing, even just a little bit each day, what we learned. I think I’m building strength, and I definitely notice I’m becoming more flexible. Although this wasn’t a specific goal for me, I’m glad to see it happening.