I began thinking about what I want mine to say. Generally speaking, I like to write things ahead of time and not look at them for a while. Then I open the file when I’ve completely forgotten what’s in it, so I essentially look at it through fresh eyes.I figure if it doesn’t make sense to me, it won’t make sense to anyone else. This method has yet to fail me.

I consider myself to be a decent writer, but I do struggle with personal statements. Sometimes, language fails to really describe what drives you to do things or pushes you into a career path. I think the way I can best describe it is why do you like certain foods? Or colors? Or people? A lot of the same criteria you define for liking sweet potato ravioli (it’s lunch and I’m hungry :)) holds up for other things, yet they just don’t cut it. Or sometimes a person can meet all your criteria, but you just don’t love him/her for whatever reasons. I feel like my interest in physics can’t easily be described.

And then there’s the word limit. Writing when you’re constrained is difficult. Part of the motivation for this blog is to improve my writing. I decided that I want to be succinct yet clear. I am improving on this, but I still have a long way to go.

I have old personal statements to use, so I’m not completely stuck with a fresh start. The old ones aren’t cutting it, though. I’ve changed enough, believe it or not, that the old ones aren’t jiving with me. I find it odd, since my research interests haven’t changed.

My plan of attack isn’t to write one yet (too many other things on my plate, like planning an engagement party, studying for the GREs, dance, and fighting my allergies), just to think it over and probably begin writing it in mid-September. I feel like the personal statement can really win someone over or make someone go “Eh.”