Perhaps it’s silly, but I’m really excited about my new desk at school. My old desk was suitable, but the new desk will provide me with more room, a cooler set up (it’s sort of L-shaped), and I believe more storage space. Also, I will get a better chair. I began moving my stuff over. The guy who had that desk previously still is in the process of moving his stuff out, so I can’t totally move everything, but I have moved the bulk of my stuff out.

One of the bad things about a smaller grad program is the graduating class is very prominently gone. We had about 7 people who were second years, and they’re all finished with class, leaving 2 of us plus new students. Part of me feels sad, since I did genuinely get along with pretty much everyone and like everyone. The nice thing is that I am keeping in touch with people beyond the good ol’ service of Facebook. I hope to have lunch with one of the people soon, and another person offered to take engagement photos for my partner and me, free of charge (he wants to build a photography portfolio).

Then again, there is some excitement along with the sadness of people moving on. We meet the new people tomorrow. It’s exciting and a little scary. The remaining student and I are, for lack of better way of putting it, outnumbered. The students last year had a rapport last year that really set the mood. They were all friends and got along well. With programs so small, you hope that you will like each other enough to get through the school year.

We find out tomorrow what everyone is like 🙂