Since tonight is the night before classes begin (egads!!), I decided to review how my summer goals went. Sickness (wicked bad allergies and a bit of a cold) hindered some things during this time, but such is life.

  • Thesis. I have a very good feeling about how I use AIPS, but I really didn’t make much progress. I’m very disappointed in that, but I also realize it isn’t my fault and sometimes research just goes like that.
  • GREs. I took a practice exam today, and I still have stuff to work on. The best thing about taking a practice exam is it’s the kick in the butt I need to study and really hone in on my weaknesses and think about strategy. Yes, I hate the idea that you have to strategize to take a test that allegedly assesses your knowledge on a topic, but that is the unfortunate reality.. While I was planning on taking the physics GRE in October, I am taking it in November. Although this was not my choice (all the Chicago paper-based test places are full), I think it really is for the best. Instead, I am taking the general GRE in October. I think that it will (well, I hope) be a huge ego boost, because I think I can do well on it.
  • Choreography. I’m able to do three songs, which is decent. I’ve been working hard on technique and just bopping about to music. It’s fun, and I think my technique is becoming stronger as a result.
  • Costuming. I finished one bra and belt set, which is good. I’ve also been working on a costume folder, full of idea for costumes and sketching things out. I’m not sure if I can do anything until after Thanksgiving, but I feel pretty good about what I’ve done.

In some ways, the end of summer is sad. I really did have a good summer overall. I got engaged, I got to relax and enjoy Chicago. The sentimentalist in me is also sad that the second year MS students have graduated. I know that we’ll see each other again, but I also know it’s harder to organize said meetings. It was very good to see them at my engagement party last weekend; we all get along really well, and I genuinely like them.

Well, enough with the nostalgia. Tomorrow is a bright new day.