In my previous post, I mentioned using veil. I don’t believe that I’ve mentioned my current weapon of choice, A’Kai veils. I only own a set, but I’d love to buy more. They flow beautifully, come in different shapes (half-circles or rectangular), and are reasonably priced. They are handcrafted and the workmanship really shows.

Here’s a photo of my veils (and a cat sitting on them). Aren’t they gorgeous? One of the best things about this vendor is she sells “oop” veils, which are veils that do not 100% follow the intended design. Believe it or not, my veils pictured here are “oops” veils; I believe one of the colors went a bit too dark. These veils are a great option for those of us who demand quality but aren’t wealthy and aren’t picky about having something exact. I honestly can’t tell you the difference between an “oops” and a veil that was what it was supposed to be.

For those of you who are not interested in dance, she also sells misc. other silk goods.