Despite my quarter and my dance stuff, I highly recommend relaxing or vegging out a bit. Why? Because I don’t want to burn out.

Burning out is the worst thing that can happen to anyone with a difficult schedule. I can’t function if I’m burnt out. It’s like walking uphill in the ice. Nearly impossible. Even if I can force myself to do that, I get no pleasure out of the task. Sometimes, I feel that way about physics or Middle Eastern dance. I am fearful of burning out, since there is no guarantee that you’ll ever come back. I used to play violin and was so burnt out from violin that I never played again. Even though I’ve found plenty of ways to occupy my time, I sometimes wish that I hadn’t gotten so tired of violin to the point I never played again. I’ve gone through high and low points with both physics and dance, but I haven’t gotten to the point I never want anything to do with it again. Recently reading about other people’s burnouts with Middle Eastern dance has made me more cautious to prevent one.

In order to stave off a burn out, I took Friday off. While it did set me back a bit on schoolwork, I know that I can easily catch up and that I needed it. I haven’t practiced in a bit, but I will do that tomorrow morning. I just needed a break. My life is so hectic right now that I have to deliberately take time for myself so I don’t lose it.

I don’t recommend this every day, of course, but I think it’s important to not get caught up in life and just enjoy it a bit.