I began writing mine last night. It didn’t go well, but I expected that.

It is incredibly difficult, in my opinion, to express why you love what you love in a coherent manner. For inspiration, I looked at example personal statements. None of them, even though they were allegedly good ones, rang true to what I want to say. I don’t want to talk about my lifelong interest in physics, because that firstly would be a lie. I thought I was going to be a school psychologist from the time I was in third grade until 11th grade during physics. I also am ambivalent about the lifelong passion idea; I know it’s true for some people, but at the same time, I’ve met so many people (like Middle Eastern dancers) who are just as passionate and enthusiastic about their thing and they haven’t spent nearly as many years loving that. It just seems like an irrelevant detail.

And then there’s the question of what makes me unique out of the other applicants (why would they want me over someone else). Only two things come to mind: earning an MS and having varied research experience. I’m not sure that this is enough. I haven’t published papers (the nature of my research has not, unfortunately, led to that), worked any place incredibly impressive, etc. I’m hardworking, capable, easy to get along with, and so on, but that can be said about many people.

I’m glad that I started now vs. later. On my calendar, I decided to work on my personal statement every Saturday.That isn’t to say I’m not going to think about it on non-Saturdays, but I’ve decided to specifically devote time on Saturday to it.¬† I’m hoping to knock this thing out by the beginning of Nov.