I’m very proud to say that I’ve made it about halfway through my Matlab homework this week by myself and haven’t really struggled. It hasn’t worked perfectly from the get-go, but at least I know where to start now and how to troubleshoot. I feel like I’ve really made progress, considering I started the year off not knowing Matlab and having not programmed in about 3 years (I’ve retained odd bits and pieces of C, which I haven’t used in 6 years).

I will probably never be a big fan of programming as an activity for myself, but I have to admit there is something incredibly satisfying when your program not only doesn’t show an error message but also works as you wanted to. If you have not programmed before, things such as not use the right kind of closures (parentheses, square brackets, curly brackets) can ruin a program. A period can ruin a program. In programs like Mathematic, I believe the commands are case-sensitive (Cos[x], instead of cos[x]). Depending on the strength of your computer, some numbers are too small for the computer to read and will give you a nasty “divide by 0” message. WIth so many little things that can go wrong, I’m always proud when I can get even the simplest task to work.