I don’t want to air diry laundry in public, but my situation with my advisor was not working, so after consulting with many people (hence, writing about keeping in touch with the alma mater), I switched advisors. My new advisor is the professor for the electronics class that I TA; he works in fluid dynamics. I’m getting more details about this Monday, but it’s exciting, because there are some branches of physics that are still tabletop, which means you can do them in small environments, like the size of a normal room. From what I understand about fluids research is

I’ve received many questions re. this from other people. In some ways, I feel happier, other ways I feel kind of blah. However, I feel relieved and much calmer, which is nice. I should be able to finish on time and perhaps even get published. I’m not sure how this will affect me applying to grad schools, but given the amount of stuff in my life right now, I am entertaining not applying for fall 2009. I need to contact more people to ask for their advice.