Most Middle Eastern dancers I know are attracted to glitter. Glitter runs in their veins almost as much as dance may. I love glitter myself, and I was excited when dancers began vending something called Eye Kandy. Eye Kandy comes in many glitter colors. You use this stuff called “Liquid Sugar” to make the glitter stick to wherever you wish.

I overally like Eye Kandy. It is glittery and does stay put. The Liquid Sugar is kind of strange to use at first, but you get used to it. The brush that comes with the little kit is cheap, honestly, and I ended up using one of my own brushes. The kit, if you’re buying more than one glitter and need the Liquid Sugar, is a good deal, though. I personally prefer using Eye Kandy as either an accent or a liner; some people do beautiful fill-in work on tattoos, but I am not  skilled enough to do that.

Another awesome thing about Eye Kandy is that the company seems to be invested in their vendors. They have made charity glitters in the past, which allow the proceeds to go to a selected charity. They are interested in not oversaturating their market.

To buy, you basically find a vendor in your area. The owner of the site I liked, Rom Deussen, basically brought the Middle Eastern Dance world into Eye Kandy, and I’m sure she’d be happy to help you find the vendor in your area or perhaps sell to you.