This is a rushed entry, because I only have two hours at Argo Tea left and plenty to get done. I thought I’d let everyone know I’m okay, the cats are okay, and I’m moved in. The move took longer than anticipated, since we did a very thorough clean down of the apartment, unlike the new place (gigantic dust bunnies, ick!)

We have no internet access yet, so I’m stuck with either school or buying something at Argo and getting 2 hours of complimentary wireless. Being lazy, I went with Argo. It’s louder and more expensive than school, but it beats spending time outside. It’s windy here, and I am now ordering my winter coat. My fall coat seems to still work if I layer clothes properly, but I believe it’s already flurried a bit. The wind has already parched my cheeks.

When I have more time, I will definitely post some photos, but for now, I have to take care of internet business (cell phone internet is too cumbersome to do use for high volume stuff) and start homework and make a plan how to complete everything before the quarter ends (we have a week and a half left, I believe). Sometimes I wish I could stop time to be able to feel like I can accomplish everything.