Firstly, I must apologize for the shortage of updates. Not having internet at home has killed the updating thing. The short version is RCN was confused on many things with internet. The good news is that we will receive a visit from RCN and that their confusion has resulted in a pretty sweet discount for 6 months.

The quarter is over on Tuesday. I had my last lab of modern physics.. They were doing a lab with radioactive sources. I sent cookies for them today, since they really shouldn’t have food in the lab for those things. It was a good way to end the quarter with them. One kid did a card trick for me while we waited for the proper number of counts to happen, and some others updated me on their lives. I really thought that they were a great group of kids overall.

The first bunch of kids took the electronics final. It’s not easy, since it’s a practical, meaning they have to setup a circuit by themselves, get it to work, and get data out of it in 20 minutes. This year it went better, because Dr. M (the prof in charge) set up a purchase plan. Basically, they could buy answers for a small (or large) penalty. I was surprised that my station was so difficult, but I think it stems from the fact it was from so long ago. In any case, I feel confident that they passed. There were no tears this year šŸ™‚

As for my schoolwork, I hope to complete my computational physics project this weekend in order to finish the homework. I have no E&M homework, but I also receive my take home exam on Monday. I also should make some headway in getting papers and such read over break for research. Then there’s the Mardi Love workshop next weekend, which I plan to attend for both days.

Even with the internet being back tomorrow, I’m not sure how much I’ll be around šŸ™‚