With dance classes and workshops, I’ve noticed a few things that keep occurring (as well as with normal school stuff). They aren’t gigantic problems, but they are little issues that bother me a bit. Today’s post is simply about behaviors I think are good for classes or workshops.

  • Wear non-noisy gear. Particularly in workshops, where there are dozens of people, noisy gear is distracting and makes hearing the instructor difficult. Even if you don’t mean to move in a coin hipscarf, some people accidentally do. Even if only one person dons it, it’s noisy.
  • Sit down when demos happen. Being a shorty, I find it’s often difficult to see things in workshops when the instructor demonstrates a move or combo. When people in the front rows kneel, I can see what’s going on. It doesn’t matter if you’re small or large, you should position yourself so others can see.
  • Actually switch rows. I’ve noticed that there is a trend for some participants to want to stay in the front with the mirror. While I know the mirror is helpful, not truly switching rows (if there are 5 rows, moving from the front row to the second to the front row isn’t really a switch) is rude and unfair to your fellow participants. Besides, practicing without a mirror is good, because you won’t have one on stage.
  • Not talking when the instructor is talking. Enough said on that one.
  • Awareness of others. This sort of goes back to the second point of sitting if you’re in the front during a demonstration. Just be aware that you aren’t the only person there and notice that you can’t move in huge ways.
  • Ask before filming part of the workshop. Some instructors do not like their workshops filmed, while others do not mind. And if you must film, keep for person use only and don’t upload it onto the internet.

I understand people get caught in the excitement of things, but I really do believe in exercising good manners to make things enjoyable for everyone.