Allowing myself to heal was a great decision, since I am now better. Not 100% better (sniffling and coughing a bit), but better enough to practice dance a little, including turns and better enough to finally send out forms for recommendations to everyone.

Since I’m about halfway through break, I thought I’d update where I stand with my goals. I kept them short and sweet, since I was very exhausted with everything. I’m slowly but surely completing my grad apps. The “hard” part is over (besides the waiting), which is that I’ve written a personal statement. I have to edit it, but it is indeed complete. I have been attending my dance classes and even practicing real practices.

By tonight, my dance notebook should be complete. I’m really happy with it. I find that rewriting sloppy notes has helped me remember what I learned, even workshops that were a while ago.

Because of being sick and the apps, my research reading commences tonight. I look forward to it. I luckily have indeed organized my desk so it’s workable space. I wish I could do my reading at my office (it’s not as cozy, but that’s why I like reading there sometimes), but the building as far as I know is still under construction.

As for relaxation? I have done that, despite being sick. This Friday I leave for Vegas, which I hope will be more relaxing. In any case, it’ll be warmer there than it is here!