I thought I’d continue the reviews of DVDs with Ansuya’s Lavish Layers.

Ansuya begins the DVD by doing the moves as strict isolations. For someone who is familiar with the dance moves, this is review more than anything. I liked that Ansuya slowly moves so that you get a front, side, and back view of her. Ansuya has a very calm demeanor throughout the DVD, though I wish she would express more emotion. I felt that aspect was a little flat. Ansuya may have been concentrating hard on the script, though (the outtakes show some of her blunders with the words).

Once Ansuya finishes teaching the moves separately, she teaches layering (doing more than one move simultaneously). All the layering done in this DVD is layering shimmies with the various isolations that she had just taught. The layering, although not original, was explained well, and she does a fine job of not moving through everything too quickly. I like that she went over both lower body and upper body layering. During the dancing, Ansuya reminds the dancer to do or not do certain bad habits.

If you feel that you have a strong hold on layering shimmies with other moves, this is not for you. However, you are working up to that point, this DVD may be helpful. This DVD is a bit pricey but you get about 1 hour and 45 min. of instruction, along with a performance by Ansuya. If you watch through the end, you get some very cute outtakes.