I keep hearing about local Middle Eastern dance communities hurting because of the economy. If you can swing it, try to support them somehow. Go to their shows, take the classes or workshops, buy costuming stuff…

If you want to support the Chicago-area community, the following big events are happening:

  • Deb Rubin formerly of Ultra Gypsy (Ultra Gypsy is a very influential tribal fusion group) comes to Elgin (suburb of Chicago) in April for 1.5 days of workshops.
  • Aradia is coming to Milwaukee in May; I’d love to give more details but I don’t know of any right now beyond that.
  • Hadia is in Forest Park, IL (suburb of Chicago) in May at Pineapple Dance Studio.

I encourage everyone to support the local people’s endeavors, because they may not be able to host great events in the future. I understand that the workshops aren’t the only cost for many people (travel, food, babysitters, etc.), but please consider participating in your community.