Despite being involved with Middle Eastern and fusion dance on and off for a few years, I don’t have really any cool practice gear. I own about 4 hip scarves and some boring yoga pants. Among my many things to do this year is to invest in nice practice gear.

Enter the Melodia top. I wanted something that was cute, primarily cotton, and well reputed. Melodia Designs has been famous for awhile among tribal dancers; Melodia herself used to dance for the Bellydance Superstars, and Rachel Brice of The Indigo has often sported Melodia pants.f3f7_1 I figured if Melodia can make $80 pants popular, she must have some good stuff.

I purchased a Melodia twist top in organic bamboo/cotton fabric. I liked the design, and the color and material intrigued me. Melodia shipped it off pretty fast, and within a week or so of ordering, my top arrived from San Diego.

I like the top. I don’t love it. The first thing about the Melodia twist top that struck me as odd is that it’s a one-size fits all. I’m about a size 0-2 with a decent sized bust, and it is tight on me. I don’t know how it fits the alleged 36DD. I checked many forums online; I don’t appear to be the only small person who struggles with the size of it. Additionally, people claim that the fit varies among the fabrics used. Certain colors tend to run tighter or looser.

When you put on the twist top, you have to play with it a little to get it to a flattering look. I went with the twist top, because I though I could just throw it on, unlike a tie top. No such luck.

The top is very well constructed and looks adorable on and adjusted. I’m not sure if I personally would want to perform in it (Melodia’s logo is embroidered on the back, which I think would be distracting for performance), but it is a cute practice top.

Because I’m ambivalent about the top, I’m going try the tie tops next. If you get a chance to try one on, I would. Perhaps actually wearing it will help you determine whether it’s the top for you. With the fit issues, I don’t think it’s something you want to buy blindly online.