I decided to try a pair of L.Rose Design pants. If you haven’t heard of them, they make high quality custom dance wear that is affordable. It’s not going to be fancy, highly beaded stuff, but people claim it lasts them years with heavy usage. Also, Shoshanna of California’s mother runs it, and from what I can, Shoshanna herself is heavily involved. What’s really cool about their stuff is it’s the equivalent of owning good basics in your normal wardrobe. You can dress them up or down. They can go from tribal to Oriental and in between. I’ve seen many troupes own one basic gold or silver bra and belt set for each member and change the look with L.Rose skirts and other accessories. The mix and match aspect is really cool, because they look like completely different costumes and the troupe doesn’t have to spend tons of money getting identical designer costumes.

Back to my story. They came highly recommended to me for workout gear, which I am indeed in need of. I have a short inseam, and I really hate hemming pants I spend a lot of money on. It’s primarily because although hemming is easy, accidents can happen when you take scissors to a pair of pants. For what you get, the price is more than fair, but at the same time, I don’t have a lot of money to waste by an accident.

The img_1187choices were rather overwhelming in terms of color, so I asked the company to send some samples of fabric to me. They send up to 5 samples. I received them rather fast in the mail. They’re a good size sample so you actually see how they look and feel. The cotton lycra felt a little thin to me (like a medium weight t-shirt; I like my pants a little heavier in the fabric weight during cold months), so I went with the brown “twilight” velvet, which is glittery. The best part of this fabric is that it has minimal glitter shedding. I decided on the half-bell bottom jazz pants. I measured myself and sent in my order.

After placing my order, I was told that I would receive my pants within 2-3 weeks. Considering they have a ton of business and the pants are really custom made, that’s impressive. I did indeed receive them in that time frame.

img_1186And the verdict on them? They indeed lived up to what people said, at least from what I can tell for now (I haven’t had them for years, obviously). The measurements are true, so they fit wonderfully. Not too tight, not too loose. They are simple in line, but it’s a very flattering cut. The only I think I am a little baffled by is that these are the half-bell bottoms. That leg is huge! It may be because designers nowadays don’t make large bells on the bottom of the jeans, but these are more what I thought a full bell bottom would look like.

When I have played around in them a bit, they move beautifully as well. If you’re looking for great costuming, I would definitely recommend L.Rose Designs. You may not be able to get your things immediately, but the products are so versatile (if you haven’t seen them yourself, check out their gallery to see how people like to wear them) and are amazing.