Today I finished my laser physics class. We did poster presentations. It was odd, because he wanted us to do our presentations a little differently than from when I’ve done poster sessions. He wanted a spiel prepared. I typically stand beside my poster (I’ve done about 4) and let it speak for me. If the visitor has question, I answer. I design my poster such that (as I described today in class) I can go use the bathroom or leave it for a weekend.

It was more fun than I had expected. Our class doesn’t sit around, talking about physics, so it was cool to hear everyone’s thoughts on it. The posters also let me know what people were interested in. Most people did related projects to what they had done in computational physics; for instance, people who did astrophysics computational projects did astrophysics laser projects.

This particular project, though nerve wracking, was a good way to end the quarter.