People on Bhuz began reminiscing over their first costumes. Here is my story, which I also posted over there:

My first costume was handmade by me in Auckland, for a student show (my first one!)

I did a ruched halter-style bra in this dusty rose pink metallic fabric. I used pearl beads as an accent around the bottom and bronzy seed beads around the middle part of the bra.

The belt was similar fabric and had the pearl beads outlining the curved front and bottom. The sides were lace up with different colored ribbons. I think I went with blue, rose, and a golden color. I did that so I could allow for weight changes.

My skirt was a full circle slightly muted amethyst satin thing. In photos I later saw (I don’t have any, unfortunately), it made me look extremely hippy. I probably should’ve done a less full skirt.

It was a veil dance. I used a cream chiffon veil that I thought was a good idea to sequin all over. It didn’t look awful, but it would’ve moved better had I not sequined it.

I wish I still had that costume. I don’t think it would fit (the bra cups shrunk a bit during the sewing process), but I think I’d like to take a good chunk of it and remake the bra and belt set.