Meeting people has been a topic that has come up time and again. Having moved ample times, I know finding someone to hang out with is difficult. Even if it isn’t as permanent as a move, going to workshops or even a class is intimidating when you don’t know anyone. It’s sad to not be able to share the experience with someone, and it can be quite lonely, even if all you really need is an acquaintance .

However, in my experience, you are not alone! Especially if the class or workshop is large or popular, people are just like you and will show up not knowing anyone. I have. Simply complimenting someone is a great way to start talking to someone. The hardest part is getting the courage to talk to someone.

On the off chance someone is aloof, try again. Most people like talking to others. I’ve talked to a number of people at workshops I never met before.

If you’re still anxious about not knowing anyone, network ahead of time. Particularly with Middle Eastern dance, there are so many forums that you can typically find someone else who is going to the same workshop or dance class and would be happy to meet someone. Obviously, exercise caution, but I’ve met some of my dance friends that way. They may not become your best friends, but it is nice to have someone there for a little chitchat for that time.