I went to my first Flamenco class yesterday. I’ve been itching to work on another dance style for a while. I love doing Middle Eastern dance, but I think it’s go to change it up. I also miss the feeling of excitement and nervousness for a first class. The people who take dance before my class are in a beginning class. I think it’s awesome to see how excited they are about exploring a new way of moving.

My Flamenco class consists of mostly non-previous dancers. I think that they have an advantage on me, because they don’t have muscle memory with footwork. I still have muscle memory from classical Indian dance training. Some of the footwork reminded me of it but wasn’t quite it, which meant I had to concentrate a little more to fight it.

They are also not accustomed to dancing barefoot. The teacher said that character shoes were fine or even sneakers for the first few classes. I went with character shoes, figuring I may try doing Middle Eastern dance in them if I hate Flamenco. I think they are about two inches high. Dancing in shoes is a lot harder than I thought. I didn’t realize I was so used to feeling the ground with my feet. I also didn’t realize that my turns were powered so that I can do a 360 barefoot; my shoed turns cause me to go around greater than 360.

The only advantage that I may have in my class is I’m used to moving. I know sort of how to do floreos. Danielle has made me practice with the arms a lot before, so it isn’t as painful as it could be.

The teacher, Rosetta, is good. She looks like a really friendly soccer mom type. She’s very nice, and I really respect how she conducted the first class. She first reiterated the point about not investing tons of money in Flamenco, until you’re sure you’re going to continue your studies. I like that, since it seems like so many people invest money in costumes and stuff in Middle Eastern dance and then quit soon after. I also like that she emphasized the idea of practice; she told us we’d never get better and that we’d repeat the first lesson if we never practiced. She even handed out a little sheet of homework for us to practice. It can be very difficult to remember (at least for me) what we did in class or what’s the most important to practice. The other cool thing about Rosetta is that she is so nice but when she takes her Flamenco pose, she looks like she could rip out your throat in a split second.

So how do I feel about Flamenco after my first class?

I love it.