Two major money woes occurred in the course of the past few days.

1. My lab’s money has just been frozen. I’m not sure why (according to my advisor, we still had half of the money allocated to us), but it has been. We have to get the department chair’s approval. What that means for me? My thesis is in a precarious situation. I have roughly 1/3 of the data collection done. We have to purchase something for another 1/3 of the experiment, and we more than likely will have to purchase something for the last 1/3. I’m worried that he may take awhile approving purchases or simply not approve them. I had asked my advisor what happens if I can’t continue with my experiments; he said that we’ll have to make the 1/3 work. I’m doubtful that will be allowed, since my thesis will be a 1/3 smaller than everyone else’s.

2. My TAing job for the summer is in jeopardy. My boss presented me with the possibility of not being hired during the summer, because I’m finished with classes. I’m still technically a student, since I haven’t defended my thesis. She has to investigate it further, but I’m very worried. I have enough in savings I could live off of, but I also didn’t want to deplete my savings without knowing what’s in store for me in the future. If I go without employment, I need something to live off of.

This all would have to occur right before my midterm. Great timing, huh?