I’ve been meaning to review these for awhile. I had gone on a revamping of my workout wear a bit ago; everything is rather worn out, and I figure if I get 5 years wear out of some $16 yoga pants, I think I can afford to get a new pair or two. After searching high and low for cool looking yoga pants and other types of pants, I couldn’t find anything, so I settled for basic pants. I searched high and low for good basic black pants and I stumbled upon the Global Girlfriend yoga pants.

The Global Girlfriend pants I bought off the Hunger Site. Global Girlfriend is an organization that deals with fair trade goods; the working people get paid and are treated decently. If you have never heard of The Hunger Site or its affiliated sites (causes include literacy, breast cancer, animal welfare, and the rain forest), it’s the easiest way to donate money. All you do is click once a day on a button and according to all the literature I read on it (I was very skeptical), it is legitimate. The Hunger Site and its affiliates have really good wares, at a very reasonable prices; I usually use them for gifts when I can’t figure out what to get a person.

The pants are as good as any other pair I’ve owned. They’re a little higher waisted than I like (I’m also very short, so it may not be an issue for you), but I think they’ll shrink in the wash. They’re comfortable. What more could you ask for in a pair of pants?

And even though they’re called Global Girlfriend, my SO (male) can almost fit my pair and wants to buy a pair for himself.