And the conclusion from my boss on my job? The department head still hasn’t made up his mind. We’re in Week #9 of class. Next week is the last week. The week after that is finals, and then is summer school. They have less than 3 weeks to figure this out.

Job prospects for in Chicago for the summer look dim still. I’ve been throwing my resume out to places, hoping for something, as well as keeping my eyes peeled for a job and talking to people. It doesn’t look good. I talked to a guy who works at the cat food store; he said his friend graduated top of her law class at the University of Chicago and can’t get hired, either. He’s optimistic that things will pick up very soon and very well, but I’m not so sure. I have my doubts of it being soon, in any case.

Because of this, I’ve been cutting back on most of my extra spending, which is a shame. I found some books I want to buy, Bharatanatyam classes are beginning in about a week, and I really want a new pair of zills. Obviously, there’s also the part I don’t want to deplete my savings if (and I believe there is a very strong chance) I don’t have a permanent job by the end of summer.