The funny thing about vacations is you need a vacation from them. Time to catch up on sleep, home stuff (grocery shopping, laundry)… Unfortunately, I had to jump back into work. We didn’t get home until around 10:30 PM, and I had to be at work/school by 10:15 AM. Not pleasant.

We began summer school teaching today. It went okay. I’m amazed that students sign up to take summer physics and get something out of it. My learning style involves more time for digestion; I don’t care for the quarter system (10 weeks of class, as opposed to the 15 weeks in a semester), and I don’t understand how you can learn something in about 3 weeks.

I also came back to being part of my lab. One of my favorite things about my lab is we’re a community of sorts. Everyone is interested in everyone’s research, we do at free will talk to each other about it, and there is some level of respect and appreciation there. Today’s sign was the practice run of a grad’s thesis defense. I thought it was cool that people did make the effort to show up, even if that was the only reason to be there. My advisor genuinely wanted us all to support this student. My experience at school has been- variable, but I genuinely do enjoy my lab. Today is just an example of why.

Tomorrow is yet another day of work, as well as the real run of this student’s thesis defense.