Despite feeling behind on my thesis (my advisor goes away for 2 weeks in July), I decided to take a small break and enjoy life. It sounds weird, because I just came back from vacation, but the truth is that it was a busy, stressful time. My SO is looking for an apartment in Boston-area, and it’s difficult. I’m just leaving it at that.

Not doing anything but some light shopping felt amazing. I skipped going to dance class (I didn’t want to deal with the bus today) and just lounged. The funny thing is that this evening I became motivated again to work on my thesis. Nothing major, just figuring out how to do bibliography notation in LaTeX and outling my theory section. I’m going to work on some dance projects after I finish writing this entry.

While continuing on with my education without any interuptions would’ve bene nice (if only for financial security), I think I desperately need a break. I feel physically tired quite often and stressed. I don’t think people acknowledge enough how important it is to take the occasional break. I’m not the most spiritual person, but perhaps life decided that I need to regroup, refocus, and most importantly, relax.