A few days ago, I applied for a tutoring job on Craig’s List. I received a reply back. The person had a daughter coming to the US and wanted a physics tutor for the three months she’s here. He would send a check to me and I was to take my share of the money and then send the rest to the nanny.

Berkeley Parents Network outlines very clearly why this is bad. The short of it is that the check you receive is counterfeit. It will initially go through but eventually will be revealed as a counterfeit. The holder of the bank account (you) is responsible for any check that you deposit, even if you were innocent in the fact that the check is a fraud. So not only do you lose the money that you spent but also you lose that money you sent to the scammer.

Be cautious of this scam, regardless of what you do. I’ve seen it for dance, physics, etc.