I’m somewhat out of the woods in unemployment land. I was hired officially today as an adjunct professor (I may even get to be addressed as professor) at a community college. I look forward to it. Even though I’ve been rather negative about the whole job search thing and stuff in my life, I was hesitant to share this news. It happened very fast. I decided to call the place, instead of waiting. I had always heard that one waits to hear back, but since the ad specifically listed that they were hiring fast (I start Tuesday), I decided it wasn’t in my best interest to wait. I now wonder how much better I would’ve been calling instead of emailing. Oh well.

The interview took over 2 hours. In terms of interviews, this was not the longest (longest being 7 hours or so, including lunch), but it was an interview. I never know how to read interviews sometimes. I think I landed the job not only because of my initiative to call but also that I can both teach physics and relate to the students; we come from similar backgrounds, even if I’ve managed to do all right for myself.

The job is pretty good; 2 lecture sections and 1 lab of intro physics is all I teach. I’m a little nervous about filling time, really leading a lecture, and so on, but I think I can handle it. The school is very supportive, too, which is good.

The downfall is that being adjunct doesn’t pay well. Well, that’s half true. This position pays decently for the amount of time I’m going to work (or so I estimated), and it would leave me with time to get a part-time job. However, it’s scoring that part-time job. I may be able to get some tutoring through the school, but it is unclear how much right now. I’m hoping for about 10+ hours, but we shall see. I’ve been applying for more tutoring jobs from Craig’s List, as well as other misc. jobs around. Hopefully I get something else soon. I’m not picky about pay or anything, I just need something to supplement my income.

This weekend is going to be spent preparing to teach. I’m excited and scared simultaneously. Wish me luck!