Yesterday, I bought my first real set of work clothes. I’ve never had a job that I had specific work clothes. Lab work never required anything fancy and even when I had an office job, I was allowed to wear nice jeans and a nice top. While it was never explicitly stated to me that I needed business casual clothes, I observed most people who work at the school dress that way. I went out with my good friend to go shopping for good quality but cheap pants. I have a fair number of nice tops, but I am a jeans or gaucho pants kinda gal. Thank goodness for Frugal Fannie’s and sales.

I am nervous about starting Tuesday (I’ve been preparing today and will continue to do so tomorrow). Students don’t trust new people; I learned that from substitute teaching for labs or just simply starting out the quarter with a new set of kids. I’m also concerned about having enough material. Teaching at my grad school was nice, in some respects, because we were handed everything that we needed. I’m coming up with original material.

Of course, I am also searching for a part-time job. I have an interview tomorrow and many applications out. At this time of year, I’m not sure how lucky I will be with finding a part-time job. People have suggested seasonal work to me, but as much as I need the money (and I do), I hesitate to give up my Christmas. I’m not from MA, and I want to spend Christmas with people, especially in light of my father’s death. I couldn’t justify leaving on Christmas Eve and then taking an early flight back for a seasonal job. For my own sake, I need to have Christmas be somewhat relaxing. With a holiday job, I would inevitably have to work Christmas Eve and the day after Christmas.

As per usual, wish me luck.