It seems like nothing will pan out. The short of it has been:

  • The realtors have often behaved as though they’re doing me a favor. I think my time in Chicago has made me expect really good customer service; it was a sticking point for many people I knew.
  • My employment is an issue. That is to be expected, since I only am employed through December.
  • According to some people, I have no significant rental history. I find that perplexing, because I have 3 years of renting faithfully.
  • No one wants to negotiate. In Boston, the rental season starts in March and goes through August/September. If you have not rented a place out, it becomes much harder. Realtors have been offended if I ask if they would remove/negotiate the fee or lower rent by $100. I actually had one tell me that the landlord would rather see the apartment sit empty than lower the price. That doesn’t make sense to me, because they have to pay for heat anyway.

I need positive vibes for this one. It feels like I’m climbing up a 90 degree hill at times.