I’ve decided over my school break that I’m going to make a website. All I have to do is figure out a URL.

Why am I going to create a website? Because I want to. Nothing special. I used to make websites back when people first could (I taught myself how to type by making websites). This was during the days of Geocities with the neighborhoods and many people used MIDI files and animated GIFs. I quit sometime in 1999/2000. I think I could do a decent job with designing and coding my website. I figure that it’ll be a good skill to have under my belt and maybe it’ll even further kick my butt into doing more performances, collaborating, etc. Goals I always have but time or money (or both) have gotten in the way.

What will be on this future website? I’m still working that out. On Bhuz, there is ample advice on websites and business marketing. I don’t want multiple websites, but some people think it’s a good idea to separate your more “personal” stuff from your dance stuff if you’re marketing your dancing. I’m not 100% convinced, but still, decisions are being made.