Time is kicking my butt. One hidden perk of having one full-time job is that you typically can stay put. Having three jobs means I live out of my bookbag and my T pass gets plenty of use.

My students are doing okay. Some are a little intimidated by physics. I think it’s good that they already can identify their weak spots, but I hope that they can get over these mental hurdles; they seem to think they can’t do it. My math class has warmed up to me, but the challenge here is to make sure that I’m not going too fast and can fill a lecture. Two hours is a lot of time, and I haven’t taken a pure math course in about 5 years. I don’t remember how many examples we’d go through or the structure that much, which makes it a bit more difficult for me to plan.

The afterschool math program is a challenge. My first day was rocky, and I think the program is still in its infancy. There isn’t anything to base my material off of, and the students are resistant to change. Well, they’re resistant to anything that isn’t what they want to do (hanging out). That makes it a challenge. Writing calc problems has been rewarding but frustrating; I’m always checking to make sure that the problems aren’t too difficult but aren’t trivial and that the wording makes sense. I submitted 30 of them today, and I’m anxiously awaiting what my boss has to say. I hope he likes them!

I’ve also been going to dance class and fitting in practices. I think this next week will be more relaxing because I’m establishing a schedule.