For those not in the know, a hafla in the US is a smallish, informal party where there is a combination of open floor dancing and performances. I signed up to perform.

I’ve been crazy busy lately (three jobs is rough), but I figure that I can either make excuses or just freakin’ do it. I chose the latter, despite

  • My perfectionist tendencies. One of the reasons I hesitate to perform often is because I want to be perfect.
  • I’m struggling to pick music. I decided against drum solo-y stuff, because that’s my default.
  • I have nothing to wear. I have one pair of LRose glitter velvet pants and some random Melodia tops. Nothing really looks that amazing together. Being broke most of the time meant I could buy costumes or pay for lessons. Lessons won out. I don’t regret it, but I’m having trouble matching stuff. LRose Designs takes about 3 weeks or so; I imagine that it may be longer, since Rakassah is coming up. Troupes often rely on LRose Designs for costumes, since they are ridiculously good quality and custom-made.

I’ve made the following decisions: no veil (if I’m wearing velvet, the silk will cling), no zills (out of practice), not “pure” Egyptian (costuming isn’t really appropriate), and slowish music.

Any suggestions? Good wishes?