Yesterday we sat around talking about how awesome a snow day would be. We didn’t think it would happen, but sure enough, Boston Public canceled classes. Since we follow whatever Boston Public does, we had off too. The cancellation is hilarious, because the weather wasn’t nice but we weren’t pounded with snow the way a lot of the Northeast was. Actually, I’m not sure if it snowed a full inch today.

Even though I had plenty to make up from being sick/taking care of my cat, I had a rather relaxing day off. I still have some work to do, but I’m glad to have the leisure time to get caught up rather than just feel like I’m treading water. Being sick sucks. Having a sick cat sucks even more. If you were wondering, he is eating bit but mostly being force-fed. He still have jaundice, but they don’t anticipate seeing that go away any sooner than tomorrow. He’s obviously not in good condition, but the vet says that he’s not doing terribly, all things considered.