I received an acceptance to a masters program (applied PhD). I’m assuming that I was rejected for the PhD program. This is disappointing, because I was especially interested in this program. I was competing for a small number of spots (limited solid number), competition including people who are masters students there already. The decision making process (I’m still waiting on the third application) is going to be a little difficult because of the following reasons.

  • I prefer the second school (calling it school B) to the first one (school A).
  • Whether it makes sense to try for admissions again next year. School A I can get a doctorate definitely; school B, not sure. I’d have to re-apply.
  • Money. I’m awaiting financial aid info for school A. School B has given about half tuition scholarship and there may be opportunities for other fin aid. Since school B would be a doctoral program, I can use the scholarship I used to fund my undergraduate and masters for that; for school A, I more than likely cannot.

Lots of big decisions to be made.