I’ve always been at a weird spot with dance. I don’t lie about it being a part of my life, but I also don’t share it. The reasons are simply people are judgmental and often will say offensive/ignorant things that indicate that they aren’t willing to learn about the styles I dance.

Because everyone is on Facebook nowadays and it’s slowly becoming the best way to be in the know, my personal Facebook profile is containing more and more information on my dance life. I don’t know how in depth people read Facebook profiles on my list, but the whole thing has me thinking on a grander scale. Rather than be vague about how I spend my non-work time, I decided that I will share what I do. I have nothing to be ashamed of. Classical Indian dance and Middle Eastern dance are 100% family friendly. The Middle Eastern dance community often talks about how we have nothing to be ashamed of and how it makes no sense that people perceive the dance as family-unfriendly. I feel like by not letting friends and close acquaintances know about a huge part of my life, I am behaving like I have something to hide when I do not.

In terms of jobs and my non-dance/personal life, I’ll still handle things in a more discreet way. I tend not to share most of my life at work anyway, so I don’t feel that my behavior is contradictory there.