Meiver’s intensive class involves fan veils, so I found myself in need of a pair. My last time purchasing fan veils was not good, if you remember; they simply wouldn’t open, even for my teacher, I didn’t care for the unfinished edges, the sparkle flowers fell off, etc. Besides the entire “you get what you pay for”, Sonya always said that the right “tools” (props) make dancing with them easy and enjoyable. In retrospect, I think not having a good set of fan veils kept me away from playing with them, much like how I didn’t enjoy playing zills because mine didn’t have a nice sound.

I decided this time to not cheap out and get well-reputed ones. Meiver thankfully worked out a deal with Fairy Cove Silks. They are significantly more than other fan veils ($110/pair, whereas others are about $60/pair). However, they have a huge selection of silk colorings and are recommended.

When I ordered my pair, I chose “Moss and Roses” silk, because I assumed an already dyed pair would ship faster. It turns out that Meag, the owner, dyes silk constantly, so I could’ve picked another color combination. They shipped lighting fast; I ordered on Tuesday morning, they were in the mail sometime that day, and I believe I received them by Thursday. Not too shabby, considering they shipped from Oregon to Boston. By the way, the customer service at Fairy Cove is outstanding; I received relies to my emails very quickly, within hours of me sending them. Impressive, considering some emails were sent at night.

The fan veils themselves are simply gorgeous. Although I may have picked a different color combination had I known they would’ve shipped as quickly, I’m still pleased with these colors. I took some photos outside by myself, but the photos don’t really do the veils justice. The silk is dyed beautifully; it isn’t just blocks of color but gradients. I’m not sure how much of a difference gradients will make when one is turning, but they’re nice for me to view :). The fans are “handed” which means there is one that opens for the right hand and one that opens for the left. I haven’t worked with fans enough to have a preference. I believe you can order two right hand fans, though, but you would have to request them.

The edges of the silk are overlocked, so they will not unravel. With my brief playing with them, the little bit of weight from the thread doesn’t appear to make a  difference in the motion. They flow like a regular veil. They also open with ease. I can’t think of anything I really dislike about them at this moment. The price isn’t cheap, but I believe it’s a fair price for the craftmanship. They are insanely nice.

I’m not sure if fan veils are going to a prop I use frequently, but having a good pair will definitely encourage me to experiment and practice with them more.