So I’ve been working my summer job, working for a summer class aimed at teachers, for the past 2 weeks, give or take. The job doesn’t appear to be difficult (administrative work). I was told the only difficult part is getting people to turn in the forms. I don’t have to work hard necessarily, but the hours are strange. I feel like I’m on-call. I’ll receive emails at any given hour, though they don’t come in that frequently. For instance, I’ll receive an email at 6 AM but won’t receive another until 9 PM at night.

As to be expected, people are people, even teachers. The emails are sometimes imperative though very last minute, which really is why I feel like I’m on-call. They range from late cancellation (late being day of) to confusion about where to go. Because there is a wait list for the program, I feel that it’s necessary to take care of things ASAP. Thank goodness for cell phones with email!

Despite the on-call feeling, I’m also stuck with a massive amount of time. I’m still job searching for a second part-time job not only to earn extra cash but to also to stave off boredom. I find that I’m most productive when I’m a little busier than when I have oodles of time on my hand. Finding summer work is very difficult; because of my current job, I have to be somewhat fussy about what I choose, since there are a handful of mandatory days for me to attend. Going back to grad school means I won’t take a job knowing that I’m going to quit in a few short months. The temp agencies that I called yesterday are optimistic, so hopefully they’ll come up with something.

It’s a shame that we can’t mix these excessively free periods with the crazy busy ones :).