I mentioned before that I’ve been looking for ways to supplement my summer income. I’ve been looking at tutoring, but some of the rates are abysmal. One in particular compelled me to write about this. The person wanted to charge $10/hr and wanted a highly experienced person to prepare material for each session where s/he learned.

While I live in the Boston-area, where there are likely more tutors than tutees, rates like those are just not acceptable. Preparing material would probably take about 1 hour per week for a 2 hour session (possibly longer). The tutor is being paid roughly $6.67/hr. That isn’t including that jobs typically pay more for experience/education.

With the economy as it is, I understand that money is often tight. However, I don’t believe people should expect/ask for quality work for such low wages. You don’t go into Neiman Marcus and ask for jeans at Wal-Mart prices. Although I assume that people aren’t aware of the other aspects of their queries, I find wages like those insulting. I believe I’m worth much more than that. Unfortunately, I’m going to guess that someone will be happy to make so little. I don’t know who is to “blame” in these situations. All I ask is that if you’re looking for a private tutor or really, any kind of service, you consider the other aspects of these extra items before you decide to ask for such a low cost.