A few posts on Bhuz recently have been about people who live in communities that don’t fulfill their ME dance education needs. They’ve grown beyond what’s offered, don’t care for the community’s issues, etc. As a result, some people feel like they aren’t progressing.

Besides workshops, driving to the nearest city, using DVDs, etc., there are other options. Thanks to the internet age, we’re lucky enough to have access to teachers in locations far from us. Suhaila offers online classes. Ansuya has private lesson via Skype (free/low cost internet video chat). Nadira Jamal, who is a local to the Boston-area as well as DVD instructor (Improvisational Toolkit, which is lauded by many), will critique your video. These are three that come to mind immediately, though I wouldn’t be surprised if there are others and perhaps people who are willing to work out things.