Since I’m committed to my apartment for another year and I’m garden level (meaning I can move around without worrying about the neighbors below), I’ve decided to to start thinking about how to decorate the room that’ll serve as my dance studio. The room is private and a decent size.

I have been using it as a dance studio, but it isn’t ideal. There are no mirrors. I am not sure if it’s the best floor. I’ve been looking for ideas online and scouring Craig’s List for free/cheap things. Here’s what I’m thinking on investing in:

  • Mirrors
  • Place to sit if I have a guest to watch
  • Decorative tapestry for walls
  • iPod speakers

On my maybe list is flooring. I’ve been looking at cheap flooring options that won’t damage the floor I already have. When I finally get to it, I’ll start taking pics.

Does anyone have pics of their own home studio to share?