Last night’s dance class in the hot, hot studio has me concluding one thing: it’s time to get new dance clothes. The longish yoga pants I wear are no longer working, at least in this weather. We had air conditioning, somewhat, yesterday, but it was only running about an hour prior to dance class beginning. The studio was barely tolerable, which made me realize I should probably get some dance shorts. I have considered a dance/workout wardrobe for 4 seasons before, but the weather has simply been too intolerable in Boston lately.

Bharatanatyam, however, I’m unfortunately going to have literally sweat that one out. We’re expected to wear the tunics and proper pants (not shorts; a girl was scolded once for wearing shorts), despite the heat. Our teacher tries to take it easier on us when it’s hot, but on hot days, I leave class dripping with sweat and I don’t normally sweat that much.

Despite the summer’s unusual (this, as far as I understand, is highly unusual for Boston) heat, I’ve still been trying to fit in practicing and keeping up with my normal dance stuff. However, without air conditioning (thank goodness for living garden level!), it makes things a bit more difficult. Lethargy has set in in my apartment, from me to the cats. If anyone has any good tips to keep up the work ethic in this heat, I’d be game to hear them.