My job has finally begun, sort of. I’m supposed to be very around now, although there isn’t that much for me to do. I have maybe one task to do per day, so I spend a lot of time waiting, in case the professor do need something.

The program is running pretty well, from the students I talked to. No one is upset or overwhelmed by the work (I was told part of my job is being supportive, because this course can be intimidating). I’m still sussing out not only what my role and duties are but also what the course’s purpose is. I know it’s for teachers to learn how to be scientifically minded, but that’s a rather vague goal. What has been most useful for me for finding out the purpose/benefit has been just talking to people. I sit mostly with the one group, because they’re in the same building I’m camping out in and the other people aren’t into the social aspect (they take a shorter lunch).

One of the teachers  who participated in the other class last year said, as a result of this class, she has become more enthusiastic about science and that transfers over to the students. I never thought about it that way. I was looking for something more tangential, like they have all this knowledge or have projects to take back home. Her response was pretty profound and totally sensible. Thinking back about what I get out of classes/workshops I take, sometimes the best thing I get out of it is I have a revitalized energy and focus.